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website design

will attract and retain the customer

We will build your website 100% original – which gives us full control over its appearance and mechanics.

That is why our projects are so well suited to the needs of customers, are memorable and do not age so quickly.

CMS system

edit your website content

Add subpages, edit the menu, create photo galleries, blog … have fun with your website!

We carry out projects based on the popular CMS system.

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We use modern standards.

Our websites are fully responsive and adapt to the screens of mobile devices.

How it works?

Step 1


Send us an inquiry - we will prepare an individual valuation for you.

Step 2


We will issue it only after valuation has been approved by you.

Step 3


We will take into account your corrections and any comments you may have regarding our vision.

Step 5


We will hook up, launch and test the website.


Simple Website

One Time Payment


  • Domain and Server included (1 year)
  • Includes the development of a basic website with essential features and functionality.
  • Logo design

Enhanced Online Presence

One Time Payment


  • All Simple Website Feature
  • Includes the setup and integration of a Google Business, Facebook Business and Instagram.
  • Includes the setup and integration of a Facebook Page

Small Online Store

£800 - 1500
One Time Payment


  • All Enhanced Online Features
  • Up to 30 products
  • Woo Commerce integration
  • Google Pixel and Facebook Pixel integration for effective tracking and analytics
  • Online payment integration to facilitate smooth transactions.

FAQ - Questions?

How much does it cost to create a website?

Each site is slightly different. We prepare the valuation individually according to the client's needs and the technical specification of the work. The pricing is influenced by elements such as the number of functions on the website, the number of sub pages or the overall design and innovation.

  1. Simple Website: £450

    • This package includes the development of a basic website with essential features and functionality.
  2. Enhanced Online Presence: £600

    • In addition to the simple website, this package includes the setup of a Google Business Page, Facebook Business Page, and Instagram account. It ensures a comprehensive online presence across these platforms.
  3. Small Online Store: £800 - £1500

    • This package is designed for businesses looking to establish a small online store. It includes Google Pixel and Facebook Pixel integration for effective tracking and analytics. Additionally, it provides online payment integration to facilitate smooth transactions. The price range reflects the varying complexity and customization requirements of the store.
  4. Comprehensive Website Management and Maintenance: Pricing based on scope

    • For businesses requiring ongoing website management, updates, and maintenance, we offer a WWW Care package tailored to your specific needs. The pricing is based on the work required, ensuring a customized approach that suits your website's size and complexity.
  5. Big Online Store: Pricing based on scope

    • If you have a large-scale online store with extensive functionality and advanced features, we offer customized solutions to meet your unique requirements. The pricing for this package is determined based on the specific work needed to develop and maintain your big online store.

Please note that the prices mentioned above are estimates and can vary based on additional features, customization, and specific client requirements. We encourage you to contact us for a detailed consultation to determine the exact cost based on your business needs.

How long will it take to implement the website?

The more complicated the project - the longer this time. However, a lot depends on the client - the number of corrections.
Typically a "standard" site can created in about one to two weeks.

Will I get help with my server / domain?

Yes. We help to register and configure these services as part of the work on the website.

Domain and server (1st year only) is included in the package price.

Do I make any advance payments?

After accepting the project and the valuation, depending on the complexity of the project, we can issue a proforma invoice or ask for an advance payment of up to 50%

To ensure a smooth website release (going live) and to maintain security, passwords and full control of website will only be provided upon receiving full payment.

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In our work, we combine solid marketing foundations with a pinch of creative design. Thanks to this, the solutions we offer not only look great, but also have their practical and functional aspect.

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e-SimpleMarketing is fast, based on free or affordable tools, pictures and customized graphic designs – that you can edit without any trouble after it’s set up. It’s cost-smart and effective way to introduce your products and services – ONLINE As we spent more time on working with various clients, we have implemented many cool features to our offer, that our clients suggested.

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